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Once upon a time I was told that being a "jack of all trades" was a bad thing. That person also listens to Nickleback, so I didn't pay much attention.

The Internet is our Playground

I've obtained a particular set of skills over a lifetime. Skills that make it a nightmare for your competitors.

Morningdove Services


Ads work, that's all there is to it. I have connections that make their living running lots and lots of ads, from Facebook to Google Adwords. Let's get your phones ringing off the hook.

Link Building

This is the core of my system and SEO philosophy. Links are like votes for your site. The more votes, the better. Getting relevant, authority links to your site is the key. Google and other search engines place a high value on these links for their ranking algorithms. 

Custom Audit

A road map is always a good thing. This will ensure that every aspect of your website and web presence is audited so that the appropriate changes can be made.

Onsite Optimization

If your site looks like crap, visitors will leave it very quickly. I'll clean it up and make it look more modern so that you stop losing potential customers. This usually takes me about 3 months, and can be done before or concurrent to my link building program.

Technical SEO

Search Engines are getting smart, but let's not pretend that they're infallible. Your site and code need to be easily readable by Google and Bing, among others. Local SEO is also another aspect, which can be complicated and hard to tackle for business owners.


I have a knack for simple, yet elegant designs for any business. I don't claim to be a world-class design agency, but for most clients my skills are more than adequate. That's also why I don't charge an arm and a leg :)
Websites start at $500 and can be live in as little as two weeks.
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