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Everyone wants to get to the top of Google because of the increase in the number of visitors that it can bring. When there are more visitors, you will get more revenue from advertisements or sales. Are you finding it challenging to meet the requirements of the search giant or do you not know where to start? Well, here are five tips on how to get to the top of Google:

  1. Pay your way to the top

While there are various tips and techniques you can use to get to the very first page of Google search results, you can also tread a different but similar path by paying for everything. Even though you are paying to boost the presence of your website, you still need to have products and services that have high customer ratings and appropriate landing pages. You can get around these obstacles by paying for them.



  1. Feature in top stories and implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Getting your news stories featured in top stories is guaranteed to drive large amounts of traffic for a short while to your website. While this method won’t work forever, it is still advantageous when your news articles get featured on a regular basis. When you establish yourself as a solid and authoritative source, other websites will start using your website as their source of information. Also, you can improve your visitors’ experience by implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These are tools that will strip your website down to its essentials, and display it immediately to visitors.

  1. Write a blog

While this is an old technique, it is still relevant if you want to get to the top of Google. Blogs are a great way to fill your website with unique and keyword-rich content. As a result of this, you will be able to direct more traffic to your website. Find out the problems of your prospects and customers and write content in long-form that resolve these issues. Also, it is much better when you use the same domain as your business website, rather than a brand new one.

  1. Increase the performance of your website

While you can use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to boost loading times on smartphones, you still need to take care of other ranking factors to improve the performance of your website. You can test your website’s performance using a mobile speed analyzer tool. After you let this tool analyze your website, you will know how you can improve its performance. You can also make your website load faster by image optimization.

  1. Optimize presence on Twitter

Due to a recent deal between Google and Twitter, tweets come up when you use the search engine. Google made a significant change in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by introducing tweets. When you look for popular personalities, publishers or brands, you will see their latest tweets on Google search. Tweet on a regular basis with relevant content and increase the number of followers.

Follow these five simple tips if you want to get to the top of Google!


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